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Sun shade in your washing area can provide numerous benefits, including protection from the sun's harmful rays, keeping the area cool, preventing fading, extending the life of your washing machine, reducing water usage, and enhancing your outdoor living space.

Washing Area Shade 

Why is your washing area in need of a sun shade? Your skin may become damaged by the sun, and your clothes may soon fade. With our sun sunglasses, you can shield your skin from the sun's damaging rays as well as your clothing. Our sun shades are also built of strong materials that can survive the weather, so you may use them for many years to come.

To meet your unique demands, our sun shades are available in a range of designs and sizes. We can provide you with whatever shade you require, whether it be a little shade for a single washing machine or a huge shade to cover several machines. To complement the design of your outdoor environment, our shades come in a variety of colors.

Why then wait? With our premium sun shades, you can shield your skin from the sun's damaging rays as well as your clothing. Today, look through our inventory to locate the ideal shade for your washing area!

Our Washing Area Sun Shade Structure Design


The World’s #1 Solution for Washing Area

Features & Benefits

Washing Area Structure Installation


Get our expert help after select location and measure the area before starting the installation process by our team.


Once you have decided on the location, prepare the foundation for the car parking shade. Get Quote by The Shade Structure team.


After the foundation is ready, install the car parking shade structure by our team.

At the Office

What Our Customers Say...

Since installing my car sun shade from The shade structure, I have noticed a significant decrease in the interior temperature, fuel efficiency and being exaust in car. It made a huge difference in my comfort level and the lifespan of my vehicle.

Sandeep Mehra

Resident, Chandigarh, India 

Let's Talk About Your Project

Stay cool and shaded, The Shade Structure got you covered! Call us or Contact today for all your residential and commercial sun shade needs

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